Welcome to The Touchdown Chronicles. This is a sequel to a series that I started in 2020.

That previous series was inspired by Ricky O’Donnell’s fabulous work at Tremendous Upside Potential. He created a coach character in NCAA Hoops 2k8 and turned the Western Illinois Leathernecks into a college basketball dynasty. Being a sports reporter, he wrote about these teams as if they were real players and inspired a fanbase of loyal followers for these computerized characters. It inspired me to want to do something similar in NCAA Football 14.

As I branched off from Ricky’s series, my approach to the simulated sports world became less about sports reporting and more about storytelling eventually. I also used my filmmaking background to create an immersive world of weird backstories and videos. That series followed Coach Luke and ended in early 2021. You can read through that on this archive site if you so desire.

The Touchdown Chronicles

This is a series that ultimately is about following a fictionalized East Carolina Pirates dynasty in NCAA Football 14. I also write fictional stories about the characters in the game. The main storyline is following the created coach character and his journey.

His name is Coach Luke Touchdown. It may seem like an odd last name and, well, it is. You can read about his origin story in the introductory article here.

Coach Touchdown took over at East Carolina in 2022 at the start of a new era of college football. In this fictional universe, it was the first year that the NCAA instituted a relegation system with teams getting demoted or promoted between conferences each year. It was also the first year of an 8-team playoff system tied to relegation too.

As for the games itself, we are watching the games as they unfold in NCAA Football 14. The key word there is “watching” as opposed to “playing”. Much like Coach Rick before us, I am not actually controlling the team’s actions on the field. It’s a CPU vs CPU simulation that we watch. In other words, I don’t actually “play” the games. I handle the team’s recruiting and pick a playbook and handle the coaching upgrades that the game bestows upon us. From there, I watch, as a fan, to see how the team does.

The Sim To End Network

This site is the first simulated sports story as part of the Sim To End Network. It is a site that I created in which I plan to add similar stories in other video games that will be done by other creators. Sometimes the universes may crossover as well.

To see this story and all of the others, visit the Sim To End site. In addition, you can find more information about this series such as stats and records and other things. If you enjoy this series, it probably would be smart to bookmark that site. I’ll often be referencing it on posts here though.

Twitch streams

Reading about what happens in these simulated games is cool. Watching the events unfold together in real-time is also cool. That’s where Twitch comes in. See the games that form our stories:


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Once you’re totally into this series and want to chat with the other people who are into it too, you must consider joining our awesome Discord server:


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